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About Little Orla

Hi, I’m Ella, the maker and creator behind this silky wonderland. I connect with the creative and intuitive part of myself to bring you and your dear ones beautiful, handcrafted play objects that inspire little unique souls. My aim is to offer pieces that both speak to your child's imagination and sit in accordance with the beautyand lore of our natural Australian landscape.

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When I illustrated 'Ode to Universe' I wanted to create a playsilk that sat in accordance with the Steiner philosophy, that was also fun and beautiful. It needed to be gender neutral, abstract, open ended and playful. Ode to Universe is a visual poem, that encapsulates the beauty and unknowable vastness of our existence. I hope it sparks joy in play and creativity for children for many years to come. “Grown-ups never understand anything by themselves, and it is tiresome for children to be always and forever explaining things to them” - The Little Prince  

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Introducing Summer Child

Childhood in summer is just delicious isnt it? endless swimming, drippy icy poles and balmy evenings spent running and jumping and connecting with our beautiful earth home.  Introducing Summer Child. A limited edition collection for the sun kissed and sand covered little ones. Encompassing only the highest of warm summer vibes, Summer child was designed in house to be minimalist and open ended. Each Motif captures an element of the land, whilst remaining simple and open to little ones playful interpretation.

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Silk Vibes High

Everything has a vibration or energy. Silk and other natural fibres like wool,linen and cotton have a very high vibration. Silk has the highest vibration ofany fibre, and a beautiful crystalline structure. This helps to protect and insulate us energetically. Children are naturally drawn to playsilks as they themselves hold a high vibrational energy and are drawn to textures and experiences that hold thatsame energy. Children and adults alike enjoy the dreamy sensory properties of Little Orla playsilks. Watch them float on the breeze. Feel them brush your skin. Enjoy the natural shimmery crinkle of their surface and take them in water for an added sensory experience.

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