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Are your dyes safe?

Yes! We use completely safe and non-toxic dyes for our playsilk range. Our dyes have been tested for heavy metals and other contaminants. Our silks are safe for babies and children to mouth. Our Bloom silks are dyed with edible herbs and petals and are safe for mouthing too.

Are Little Orla playsilks sourced fairly?

Yes! We source our silks from a small group of women in Suzhou, China. China is the original home of silk and produces the most authentic silk. Silk is a big part of China's history. The women who produce and hand stitch Little Orla silks work in comfortable conditions and are paid fairly.

How do I wash my playsilks?

Silk is a very strong fibre and has the interesting quality of becoming stronger when wet so do not be afraid to wash your silks. The best way to wash is gently by hand, with a natural soap. Then hang to dry. Silks can be ironed on low if you desire your silk to be smooth, but silks will smooth out with play anyway. Children love to help wash their silks with the guidance of their adult. It can become a fun water play activity and a lesson in taking care of our belongings.

Is washing plant dyed playsilks the same?

Yes, except for one thing. Washing plant dyed silks will likely change their colours as the PH of your water affects the plants embedded during the dye process. After you have washed your plant dyed silk you can restore the colour if it has changed a little. Soak the silk in a bath of water with a good dash of vinegar before drying.

What size playsilk should I choose?

Each size is good for different purposes. Regardless of the size you choose your child will surprise you with inventive ways to play. However, small silks are great for small babies. Babies love games like peekaboo and pulling small silks out of a box. Silk is ideal for babies. It's soft, light, breathable and feels lovely brushed against their face and skin. Regular sized playsilks are a great all purpose silk for babies and older children. These silks can be made into anything the child desires. They are the perfect size for dress-ups and games. Large playsilks make wonderful cubby houses and structures. Large playsilks are ideal for groups of children and outdoor play.