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Small Playsilk - ODE TO UNIVERSE
Small Playsilk - ODE TO UNIVERSE
Small Playsilk - ODE TO UNIVERSE
Small Playsilk - ODE TO UNIVERSE

Little Orla

Small Playsilk - ODE TO UNIVERSE

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Ode to Universe is exactly that - An artists ode to the mystery and wonder of our wider existence. Playful, balanced, abstract and open ended, watch as children experience this beautiful playsilk in an endless array of ways.

Small 53 x 53 cm playsilk

100% 8mm silk. Slightly heavier weight than our other playsilks illustrated playsilks are sure to stand up to even rougher play. 

Watch children turn their playsilk into a picnic rug, a doll carrier, a cape, soup in a pot, a cubby, grass or water in a small world play scene and so much more. Play silks allow endless possibilities for open ended, imaginary play. Play silks grow with your child’s imagination and allow for new possibilities every day and at every age.

This small sized playsilk is perfect for baby play and small world play for younger children. 

Children and adults alike enjoy the dreamy sensory properties of these silks. Watch them float on the breeze. Feel them brush your skin. Enjoy the natural shimmery crinkle of their surface. Take them in water for an added sensory experience.

Colours may vary slightly from images displayed, both due to the screen you view them on and the batch.

Silk is hypoallergenic, antifungal and antimicrobial.

Recommended for children 3 years and older.